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For all Craft® beds, you can use a regular sized twin/full mattress.

Not yet, but we will soon, please check back.


Most of the tools that you will need to assemble our product will be included with your Craft® purchase. Additionally you may need a screw driver.
With most bed hardware kits we enclose a hex wrench which we recommend using, but we have also enclosed drill bits so that you may use a power drill to tighten our bolts – again we recommend setting the power drill to a low setting in order not to damage the wood or strip any cross dowels, bolt nuts or metal inserts. The assembly instructions will be included with the product and will guide you through the assembly process.

Assembly instructions are included with every order. If you need additional copies of assembly instructions; We can easily email them to you. Email us


About Our Products

Safety is our number 1 concern, so we beat US AND EU safety standards!

  • Withstands 400lbs of weight.
  • Craft® uses acrylic paint for the white finish. NC lacquer (Nitro Cellulose) for espresso finish. Both get tested twice by our suppliers and again by us for chemical compliance with the US and EU safety standards.

All our finishes and glues are tested and comply with current US standards (incl. ASTM, EN71 and CPSIA standards). Our products also comply with European EN747, EN71. Our products are in compliance with current regulations for contents of heavy metals (incl. lead), toxins, formaldehydes and volatile organic compounds. We require our suppliers to test their finishes with accredited 3rd party testing laboratories and furnish certification documents to prove this. In addition we conduct our own yearly testing of the same finishes with our own 3rd party accredited laboratories for double verification.

We use water-based glues only.

Our Espresso finishes are well documented, tested, have a long history of use, and are the most commonly used finishes in the industry.

Our White finish is an Acrylic finish and is equally well tested and documented. It is a very expensive finish, as it stays white for very long. Most white finishes will have a tendency to “yellow” over time as the finish oxidizes, however our Acrylic finish will stay white for longer.

Our Furniture is manufactured in our own dedicated factory in Vietnam. All of our employees are well-trained, and our methods and processes have been developed to ensure good, consistent quality.

Craft beds are not compatible with the Maxtrix® system. However, the white finish matches the Maxtrix® white perfectly. You can mix and match items likes dressers, nightstands, and accessories like knobs and cubbies between the 2 brands.

Care & Maintenance

Craft® wood furniture is finished with a fine lacquer top coat which adds to its beauty and helps preserve the chosen color. No wood or wood finish is indestructible and you must provide regular care and maintenance.

  • Clean up spills immediately, as all liquids will damage lacquer finishes.
  • Never use cleaners that contain ammonia, abrasives, silicones or acetone, as these chemicals will damage lacquer finishes.
  • Avoid placing rubber or plastic on wood furniture, as their ingredients can react with lacquer finishes.
  • Rubber feet found on the bottoms of radios, clocks, pencil sharpeners, staplers, lamps, etc. should be changed to felt.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, as sunlight causes fading.
  • Do not write, drag, drop or place heavy items directly on surface, as all woods can be damaged.
  • Periodically check and retighten any hardware as necessary. Do not over-tighten.

About Us

Maxwood Furniture Inc. is the parent company of a family of brands, including Maxtrix®, Jackpot!, Max & Lily and Craft. Maxwood Furniture Inc. is a US based business (Headquartered in Charleston, SC) specialized in design and manufacturing of kids and family furniture and accessories distributed worldwide.

Dealer Inquiries

We would love to talk to you! Here is a link to get you started: http://www.maxwoodfurniture.com/dealer-information/
For more information, please contact Peter Schlunssen at pvs@maxwoodfurniture.com or 203-916-2075.

Warranty & Returns

If you receive a shipment with a damaged or broken item make a note on the delivery ticket before signing it. Please do not refuse the entire delivery, this will make the return process longer. Retain all items received and take a photo of the damage if you are able. Then, email us for assistance customercare@craftbedrooms.com

Our merchandise is warranted to the original purchaser for factory-related defects (material and workmanship) that appear under normal household use for a period of one year from date of shipment from our factory. This warranty is limited to replacement of the defective part or substitution of product. For inquiries regarding our warranty, please contact us at customercare@craftbedrooms.com